BRASCABOS, a leading electrical and electronic components’ manufacturer, offers high quality products and services and focuses on the real needs and demands of the market. 

Among the sectors where BRASCABOS operates, we can find the automotive industry, providing electronic boards and wire harnesses for the 2 and 4 wheels segments.

Due to its great capacity to add to its products the specific and necessary services to meet each customer's engineering needs, BRASCABOS emerges as the leader supplier for electrical components to the white goods home appliances segment in Brazil.  

This leadership is achieved also due to the strong partnership established between BRASCABOS, its customers and suppliers. The constant concern with technological innovations and staff knowledge improvement reflects on the quality level and competitiveness of the products, making BRASCABOS one of the top suppliers for electrical and electronic components in Brazil, always delivering the best products & solutions to its customers.

In addition to that, BRASCABOS is always concerned about sustainability and environmental performance in its activities, processes and products, and has developed steady actions to prevent air contamination and water pollution, meeting all applicable environmental legal requirements.

Organized by market segments and products, BRASCABOS is ready meet the needs of every customer in a quick and efficient way. This organization model adds to the relationship with the customer a high degree of technological affinity and market knowledge. Such affinity streamline products development and provides a unique customer experience. 

Our competitive advantage is noticed in the appropriate managerial model of BRASCABOS, also on the employees’ constant training, its commitment to the corporate goals and the continuous search for management improvement. The company is aligned with the BRASCABOS’ strategic vision, looking for significantly contribute to its accomplishment.