Featuring a modern and well-equipped laboratory, BRASCABOS is able to guarantee its products quality and test the applicability of its networks in customers' products, complying with the highest quality standards available in the industry.

The laboratory is capable to perform tests such as: chemical, flame, traction, conductor resistance, aging, tensile strength, maximum elongation, strength of insertion, among others; meeting the NBR, UL, IEC, IRAM, and CSA regulations and INMETRO certification.

The analysis and development laboratory (LAD) has been completely redesigned and renovated to meet the most demanding international requirements and standards in order to perform physical, chemical and mechanical tests in electric and electronic equipment. Part of this process has involved the acquisition of a parts’ three-dimensional measuring and analysis machine, one of the few of its kind in our region and activity sector. 

This investment represents a milestone for our company; BRASCABOS, once again, got ahead and is ready to meet the most diverse demands from our customers and the market.