The main goal at BRASCABOS is the understanding of its customers' needs, by offering solutions that are beyond their expectations. With a professional team, the products and services are developed according to today’s fast technological changes. The company is constantly concerned with technological innovations, which are responsible for the quality and competitiveness of the products offered to its customers.

With market conditions changing every day, BRASCABOS always makes sure to anticipate its customers' needs, by being ready to serve them in a timely manner. In all operations, from wiring manufacturing to the final product delivery, the use of the latest methodologies brings continuous improvement, leading it to achieve the best operating performance and business processes, which keeps the company competitive in the manufacturing of its products.

As been a company with huge investment capabilities, BRASCABOS’ production processes only use machinery and equipment made out of the latest technology available in the world. The constant investment in the automation of wire manufacturing, cutting, application and assembly processes results in quality and productivity gains, increasing the reliability of connections and flexibility of production. 

Every business unit has its own exclusive assembly line, all of them using Lean Manufacturing Concepts with an efficient production system, on-line productivity monitoring and integrated management system, which ensures intelligent production and excellence in quality. Even the management for strategic logistics uses tools such as the Just-In-Time and Kanban systems, providing a quick and reliable delivery of the goods.

To insure its customers’ satisfaction, BRASCABOS makes large investments on technological innovations, quality and human resources, which reflects on the competitiveness of its products, domestically and internationally.