BRASCABOS has won 9 stars in a research called “Guia Você S/A - Exame Magazine”. That guide was created in 1997 with the mission of ranking companies that care most about its employees. The base for that work is a methodology improved over the years, becoming more comprehensive, rigorous and critical after starting a partnership with the “Fundação Instituto de Administração” (FIA), in 2006.
Nowadays, the “Guia Você S/A - As Melhores Empresas para Você Trabalhar” (Best Companies to Work for) is the broadest organizational survey in the country.


The SESI Award “Quality at Work” (PSQT) honors the Brazilian industries that invest on the value and quality of life of its workers. Pioneer in the sector, the award encourages the exercise of citizenship in work relations and incentivizes companies to merge social responsibility into their strategies, sharing good practice among its employees. 

BRASCABOS has received the award for the best business practices regarding the evaluation areas on the SESI’s model of sustainability at work.

Whirlpool AWARD

Annually, the Whirlpool Company elects 3 suppliers, taking into account quality, timeliness, development, engineering aspects and others. BRASCABOS was awarded with "best performance in quality," standing out among the 3 main suppliers of this important customer in all its plants in Brazil.


Embraco, our client, held an event called “1st Week of Quality” with the theme "My attitude Can Produces Quality”. In that occasion, BRASCABOS has received the award for “driver’s waste disposal project”. Embraco has given three prizes to companies presenting projects to improve its index of quality. The award criteria have taken into account the attitude, proactivity and commitment to quality. From February 2010 to July 2011, Embraco had 125 problems with its customers due to this flaw, and after applying our project, from August 2011 to August 2012 all faults were eliminated.