BRASCABOS Componentes Elétricos e Eletrônicos Ltda. is one of the largest wire harnesses manufacturers in the country. Leader in the home White-goods appliances industry, BRASCABOS also operates in the Automotive Line, Brown-goods, Health, Portable Appliances and Civil Construction, among others.

Along with its own solutions, BRASCABOS develops innovative and customized designs according to the demand and need of its clients. This is possible due to a strong team of engineers. The team members are divided by client, in order to keep up total confidentiality on the new products and services.

BRASCABOS provides a broad range of products, from wires, cables manufacturing, power cords, electrical networks, ceramic igniters, sensors, sub-assemblies, plastic parts, PTH electronic boards, special wire harnesses for high temperature and corrosive environments, and brush-holder manufacturing, to logistics and engineering solutions and services.