Safety, health and welfare

Brascabos continually strives to offer the best possible working conditions to its employees. In addition to first class health insurance, the company takes part of the labor welfare evolution of its human resources, through promotions and educational campaigns for health, safety, ergonomics, sports and society.

The company's health program focus is on physical and mental aspects, with an integrated work between SESMT, CIPA and Medical Clinic, providing a unique service to its employees.

• SIPAMA - The Internal week for Labor Accident Prevention and Environment. With a varied program, SIPAMA is held every year by employees who are CIPA members along with the SESMT. SIPAMA's intent is to give employees information and guidance on safety, environment and quality of life at work, with the permanent goal of bringing security and well-being to employees. In that event, several lectures of interest are presented. 

• SIPATRAN - The purpose of this campaign is to decrease the number of traffic accidents suffered by our employees and their families through instructions received within the company.

As in all other campaigns, collaborators can find illustrative banners, presentations, lectures, videos and instructions given by professionals.

SESMT – Professional Services in safety and occupational medicine: formed by professionals who work with accident prevention, for improving the employees' quality of life. 

• CIPA – Internal Commission for Accident Prevention: groups develop actions and activities to raise employees’ awareness and  commitment. It complies with all applicable legal requirements.

• Emergency Fire Brigade and firefighting: formed by 120 trained volunteer employees , it aims to prevent the menace of fire, and act in emergencies, in order to protect the physical integrity of the employees and company's wealth.

• Workplace Exercise Program: consists of trained volunteers performing gymnastics along with other employees and acting preventively and therapeutically in order to provide healthy and comfortable working conditions.