Committed to its social responsibility, BRASCABOS develops several actions to support its employees, deploys and supports projects that contribute to social change, economic growth and environment preservation.

• Winter Campaign for the needy - Annually, the Company has the Winter Campaign for the needy, relying on the solidarity of all employees to donate blankets, coats and shoes to the poor and homeless.

• Child Sponsorship Campaign - With an internal campaign and our employees' solidarity, we take part in associations and events held by regional child support institutions, so all children receive gifts from us.

• Milk Donation - Every month, Brascabos donates milk packs to the asylum São Vicente de Paula in Rio Claro, contributing to keep the good health of the residents of that institution.

• Social projects to Culture Incentive - BRASCABOS incentivizes and sponsors cultural projects (through Tax Incentives and the Rouanet Law), such as theater plays, musicals and other cultural events. The staff and the community are invited to attend these events for free, which creates opportunities to develop their social lives.

• Ballet Bolshoi (Rouanet Law) - Since the year 2000, the Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil is a cultural project in full development whose greatness can be noticed in its social extension, cultural dimension and educational scope that its purposes and activities can reach. A true cultural bridge between Brazil and Russia. Always looking for the best training, this school grants access to the world of culture to its students, broadening their horizons and providing a better future through art.

• Rose October and Blue November - Internal Campaigns of awareness on Breast and Prostate cancer. Held annually, those campaigns’ focus is the  awareness.  Banners, lectures and videos with skilled professionals take place.