TEM Group is a manufacturing supplier of wire/cable harnesses and power supply cords assembled products with our manufacturing operations in Malaysia and China. Our customers are generally global brand name manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers in the home appliances, consumer appliances, industrial products and automotive industries. We have been serving our customers for more than 25 years.

Home Appliance

Wire Harnesses - Power Cords - Control Harnesses - Wires - Sensors - Thermofuses - Sub-assemblies - Spark Plugs - Injected plastics parts


Wire Harnesses / Wires

Fully Automated Machines

IDC RAST 2,5 / 2,5 PRO / 5,0 AND CRIMP

IDC Termination Machines

Connector System for Stocko & Lumberg
IDC Termination machine types RAST 2.5 / RAST 2.5 Pro / RAST 5.0

Auto Cut & Crimp Machines

Auto tin dipping, cutting, stripping, crimping

Equipped with crimp force monitoring (CFM), Optional vision system

Auto housing insert, Auto seal insert

Injection Molding PVC/PE/PA/PP/Teflon

Vertical-Type Injection Machines
- Power Cord Plug / IEC Connector
- Wire Harness Retainer / Sleeve
- Grommet / Strain Relief
- Lid Connector

Assembly Lines

- Complex Wire Harness Lines
- Rotary Assembly Lines
- Modular Assembly Lines

Quality Assurance

- Testing with Poka-Yoke feature
- Build-in testing function
- Auto tested spot marking

 Vision system for termination

IDC Wire Inserted Section

Terminal Crimped Section

Main Customers


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